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What is Salt Air Therapy, or Halotherapy?

Salt Therapy is a non-invasive, non-medical, side effect free therapy. Salt therapy has been used for relief for over 150 years in Eastern Europe and is registered as part of the medical system in both Russia and Romania. Salt aerosol plays an important role in the relief of health problems, and is used for patients with respiratory or skin diseases. It is based on the principle that exposure to the microclimate inside a natural salt mine/cave can play an important role in the relief of many health problems, particularly respiratory and skin conditions. Salt rooms deliver salt therapy in a especially designed room, where the microclimate of a natural salt mine/cave is replicated using a saline dispensing unit. This unit releases negatively ionized dry aerosol micro particles of salt into the room.

How is salt air therapy controlled?

The Halogenerator is programmed to infuse a particular dosage of salt particles into the room. Dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 1-10 micrometers in size are produced and infused into during the session by a Halogenerator for you to inhale. The particles are fine enough to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract, where, through a number of mechanisms, they work towards cleansing the airways.

The rooms are fitted with fresh air HEPA filters that capture and remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles that can have a negative effect on health. We can also change the machine settings depending on the needs of the patient. Rooms are ventilated for 15 minutes and fresh filtered air is supplied after each session.

What about using Halotherapy for children?

Halotherapy is very effective for children. In countries where Halotherapy is practiced in mainstream medicine, doctors recommend parents try this natural remedy before putting children on medication, or at least use it alongside medication to avoid high dosage. Children treated by powerful hormones are at increased risk of bone fractures and cracks, and it is all the more important to treat them as far as possible with means other than drugs, This alternative/complementary treatment's efficacy rate is estimated at 75 - 98% and keeps children safe from the side effects of intensive drug treatment.

What results can I expect?

Salt is believed to be naturally anti-histaminic. Anti-histamines are important in combatting the body’s immune response to allergens. Doctors have noted that thousands of patients have been successfully treated by this method. After taking Halotherapy treatments, their breathing becomes easier, symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are alleviated, and patients no longer have to take large amounts of prescription medications. Patients feel that Halotherapy treatment has turned their lives around - most of the patients report positive results of Halotherapy as soon as a few days after starting treatment.

Child with chronic Eczema

Child w/ Eczema before treatment

Before treatment and  3 weeks After

What conditions can benefit from Salt Therapy treatment?

• Asthma

• Bronchitis

• Allergies

• Skin diseases

• Upper respiratory disorders

• Frequent viral respiratory infections

• General and postoperative respiratory rehabilitation

• Prevention of pulmonary and allergic diseases

• Eczema

Salt Therapy can benefit people of any age with respiratory and skin ailments, as well as those in good health who want to strengthen their immunity and enjoy a relaxing treatment with proven positive effects on wellbeing.

How long is a session?

Adults: 50 minutes per session

Children: 35 minutes per session

Infants: 15-20 minutes per session.

There is a 15 minute gap between each session in order to filter and purify the room.

What happens during a session?

During sessions, the Halogenerator grinds pharmaceutical salt to a fine dust that is then dispersed into the room for you to inhale. Our room is designed for tranquility, so sit back, relax and breathe. Meditate, listen to music, sleep. You are free to read although be advised the room has dim lighting for the purposes of relaxation. You may feel the salt tickle your throat, eyes and nose as it clears the mucus. Some may also get a slight taste of salt on their lips.

How often should I have Salt Room Therapy?

24-48 hours between each session is recommended.

How many treatments should I have?

Each individual has a different requirement. We will consult you on the best plan that is suitable for your condition. The plan will usually consist of an intensive treatment followed by an ongoing maintenance and wellbeing plan.

Is taking too much salt into the body not bad for you?

As a result of eating too much salt we can develop hypertension or high blood pressure, which increases the risk of Cardiac Arrest and Strokes. With Salt Therapy, however, the medical grade salt affects your respiratory system and not your stomach, heart or kidneys. Also, the concentration of salt is much less than that of our daily recommended allowance 0.5-10 mg/m3 (milligrams per cubic meter), compared to 6.0g (grams). Therefore, the amount of Salt entering your respiratory system is extremely low. Salt entering the respiratory system kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, opens passageways and loosens mucus. However, we do not recommend the use of our salt room to anyone with type IIB hypertension.

Is there a risk of catching an infection from other clients in the salt room?

The micro climate of our salt room is 3 times cleaner than in a sterile surgery room in a hospital, therefore it is nearly impossible to catch any infection or be affected by bacteria during the therapy. Salt is a natural anti-bacterial and it kills almost all bacteria on contact. In addition, our filtered ventilation system is constantly working to circulate the air in the salt room, drawing used air out and clean, filtered air in.

Are there any side effects?

Typically there are none. Few individuals have experienced a slight throat tickle which can be treated with gargling warm to hot water. In cases with an individual that is highly sensitive they can experience slight skin irritation or red patches; however, they go away after a few sessions. If you experience increased coughing due to mucous buildup that means the salt therapy treatment is working. This is the body’s way of draining the mucous buildup.


 1 Treatment: $30

 6 Treatments: $165 ($27.50 Each)

 12 Treatments: $275 ($22.92 Each)

UNLIMITED USAGE – during regular business hours

 1 Month: $180


To accommodate our clients, we ask that children NOT receiving treatment do not attend.

Each additional Child: 50% Discount

Dr. Oz endorses salt therapy on his show


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