Nutrition and Blood Work Analysis

Tired of being confused about nutrition, and which vitamins are best for your health? Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Low energy
Being overweight
Catching colds
Trying diets that don't work
Not knowing which vitamins to take

Get on the right track with a nutrition assessment today!

In our fast-paced world, using nutrition and stress reduction as a means of preventing disease and enhancing vitality may appear a bit mundane. Yet the truth is that much of the new technology has involved the discovery of how, on a cellular and molecular level, the food we put into our bodies promotes either vitality or disease.

Our personalized Health Now Program combines diagnostic testing and comprehensive tests to determine your nutritional quotient and potential for disease. Patients begin by completing a Symptom Survey Health Assessment which measures different aspects of bodily functions. Each of the sections groups various health symptoms and corresponds to possible nutritional imbalances. The higher the weighted score for a given section, the more likely it is that its nutritional imbalance may be related to the risks indicated. We also complete a rapid screen metabolic test which includes screenings for protein, glucose, ketones, ph levels and more. The results measure your nutritional status and your current and future risk factors for disease.

This is a great introductory program to learn more about nutrition, your health, and which foods may be of benefit to the unique make-up of your lifestyle and risk factors.

So why not take the first step at discovering your nutritional story? Download the following forms:

Symptom Survey

Toxicity Questionaire 

Diet Diary

Then call our office for an appointment, so that our staff can work with you on getting a comprehensive report.


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